Protecting your personal private information

Tax season is upon us and its important to note that using email to send an receive personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers, Birth dates, bank account information …etc  is not the best or safest way to send this kind of information.  The problem is once it leaves our email service being sent to a third party or if we receive a request to disclose student information it may be entangled and inadvertently disclosed.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the privacy of ourselves, our students,our parents, our employees and our patrons.

To prevent exposing sensitive information, please follow these recommended steps:

  • If you don’t need the sensitive parts then redact or delete them from the document.
  • Securely delete destroy the document when you are finished with it.  Don’t keep it!
  • Pay close attention to who you are “replying to all” to.
  • If you need to do send sensitive information on a regular basis try using the Outlook Encrypted Email feature
  • If you need to send it to a different district employee or other approved business partner then encrypt it.

As time progresses the policies, processes and tools available to send information securely will change and evolve so expect future updates.

Stay safe!