“Have I been pwned” notifications so far in Spring 2019

The “Have I Been Pwned” website has been very active as of late:

Reported Date Event # of Olathe accounts Description
1/7/2019 Collection #1 352 A large collection of 772,904,991 stolen accounts was found
2/20/2019 MyHeritage 14 MyHeritage breach
2/21/2019 MyFitnessPal 358 MyFitnessPal data breach
2/25/2019 DubSmash 23 DubSmash video messaging service data found for sale on dark web*
2/28/2019 EyeEm 1 Photography website EyeEm breach
3/3/2019 ShareThis 138 ShareThis social bookmarking and sharing service data found for sale on dark web*
3/12/2019 Houzz 102 Web design service breach


The vast majority of these breach events were found more than 90 days ago so people have already been forced to change their district passwords.  Though when I say the number of Olathe accounts I mean, the number of those account with an “olatheschools.org” email address associated with their account. The concern is that statistically about 60% of people re-use passwords across all of their accounts.

You can find out if one of your accounts has been involved in a known data breach by subscribing to haveibeenpwned.com.

Concerned about forgetting your password?

If you are concerned about remembering a long complex password try using a pass phrase.  A long string of memorable words or a phrase can be MORE effective than a shorter complex password.

*The “Dark web” is slang for a an anonymous computer network operating outside of the effective reach of law enforcement.