Email about some one claiming to “hack” your computer, router, email …etc

This form of fraudulent email attempts to scare you into thinking a malicious foreigner has stolen access to your computer email ..etc and has confidential information about you and desires you to pay them blackmail money via electronic currency.  They often claim proof in the form of videos you can download, a password you once used in the past or some other thing.  All of these scammers proofs are false.  Knowing a past Password may be compelling but your account may have been part of a public data breach an one of your old passwords may be publicly known(you can check here to see if you have been a part of a data breach ).

The FBI has put out a number of warnings on this as has the FTC and other news outlets.

What to do?  This is no different than a chain letter, there is no Egyptian curse at play nor does this entity have any “dirt” on you.  Delete it, take a deep cleansing breath and continue on your day.